Putting the green into alternatives

Putting the green into alternatives

3 Giugno 2019 – Alternative Capital Partners’ Emanuele Ottina outlines the firm’s focus on illiquid alternative investments following ESG principles. Eugenia Jiménez reports.

Co-founded in Italy in 2018 by Emanuele Ottina and Evarist Granata, Alternative Capital Partners (ACP) SGR is an asset management firm
investing in alternatives and applying ESG principles to the entire spectrum of private assets. Ottina is the firm’s executive chairman and the head of the private equity real estate division; while Granata is the firm’s CEO and head of the private capital unit. Both form part of the firm’s management board, working alongside independent directors Michele Garulli, formerlyhead of mid-corporate equity investment at Mediobanca ; Carlo Durante, founder of Maestrale; and Edmondo Tudini, professor of banking & insurance at the Milan-based business school SDA Bocconi.

Investmente Europe – 3 Giugno 2019

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